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Coin Operated Equipment Leasing

Grow Your Business by Adding Arcade Games Free of Charge

OneSource will install coin-operated equipment in your location at no charge and will pay you based on how the machines earn. We will maintain the equipment and update as necessary to ensure both of our companies success. Please do your homework before selecting your business partner!

OneSource has remained at the forefront of the coin-operated game business. These games are expensive, and it’s hard to find maintenance/repair for them. Our solution makes your life so much easier. Our clients receive the top name games in the industry, maintained by our crew, and you reap the benefits without the burden and costs associated with ownership. 


Why Onesource Amusements

There are a few great operators through out the Texas market and we believe that in order to make a decision as to which operator you select, you need to understand how to evaluate your business partner.


• When something goes wrong with the equipment in your location, how fast will it be corrected? We are on call 24/7 – we do not take holidays from repairs.


• Does your partner have insurance? Make sure this is not your responsibility.


• Will your operator put new equipment in your location and keep it updated? In today’s market this is key to your success.


• If you are a bar or restaurant owner, does your operator offer leagues for pool, darts, counter tops, golf, video bowling and buck hunter? This is a huge question to understand with your partner.

• Does your partner provide detailed reporting of game play to ensure accuracy and so you know exactly how our equipment is performing?

• What type of incentives are provided to your patrons to play your games?


• Can your partner provide you everything that you need to be successful?

If not, give us a call. We'll be happy to show you how we can help grow your business and make your employees happier.

We Don’t Ask for Much

Both you as our customer and Onesource have a lot of money invested in your business, and it is very important that we do everything possible to maximize your earnings ability. We do ask the following related to that investment:


  • Inform us immediately if our equipment is not working properly

  • If you are going to make changes to your business please let us know so that we can properly respond to those changes

  • Watch our games to ensure that people are not damaging our equipment

  • Maintain a monitored security service

  • Ensure that our games are promoted within your business

  • Correct game placement is essential - work with our experts to ensure our games are positioned to your best advantage

  • Acknowledge that the equipment that we place in your business is our equipment


Relax and Enjoy the Lively Scene Created by Our Coin-Operated Games in Your Business


How About Tournaments & Leagues?

Tournaments & Leagues are great for business:

  • They bring in a large group of players

  • They keep the players in your business for an extended period

  • They increase awareness of your business

  • They increase machine play

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t know how to effectively and efficiently run leagues & tournaments. We can get you pointed in the right direction.  We can connect you with Experienced Tournament & League Directors. Click HERE for more details.

Ad Manager

Talk to us about adding in an Ad Manager to your location and get paid with local advertisements. 


This is a great tool to promote advertising, specials, services or upcoming events. You can create, edit, and schedule ads from the palm of your hand or from your computer. 


  • Air Hockey

  • Basketball

  • Beer Pong

  • Boxers

  • Buck Hunter

  • Candy & Bulk Vending

  • Cranes

  • Debit Card Systems

  • Escape Rooms

  • Golden Tee Golf

  • High-end Self Redemption Pieces

  • Interactive Racers

  • Jukeboxes

  • Karaoke

  • Kiddie Rides

  • Photo Booths

  • Pinball

  • Pool Tables

Download the full list.

  • Shooting Games

  • Shuffle Boards

  • Silver Strike Bowling

  • Skee Ball

  • Trivia Games

  • Ticket Redemption

  • Video Dart Boards

  • VR Games

  • Plus many other types of games

Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a Call & we'll find it.

Full Game List
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